Aerators & Aeration Equipment

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RWL Water offers a complete line of aerators to meet all of your wastewater treatment needs.

RWL Water aeration equipment is uniquely designed with the customer in mind to improve wastewater quality and minimize operational expenses. Our aerators are used worldwide in a range of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Each of our products is tailored for a specific range of applications, and designed to be durable and rugged, providing you with trouble-free operation for the life of the equipment.

Our comprehensive line of aeration products includes:

  • Tornado® Surface Aspirating Aerator: This naturally aspirating aerator provides superior sub-surface directional mixing and oxygen dispersion for all of your wastewater applications.
  • Blower-Assisted Tornado® Aerator: This aerator provides sub-surface directional mixing and maximum oxygen transfer, while reducing energy consumption with the addition of a self-contained, high-performance regenerative blower.
  • Hurricane® Submersible Mixer/Aerator: This uniquely designed aerator provides oxygen from the bottom up without the need for an external blower, while providing 360-degree radial mixing.
  • Twister® Low-Speed Surface Aerator: This surface aerator provides high-oxygen transfer rates for the most challenging and heavily loaded industrial and municipal applications.
  • Typhoon® High-Speed Floating Aerator: This direct drive aerator provides years of reliable and dependable service, and is ideal for a wide range of wastewater applications.
  • Riptide™ Direct Drive Surface Mixer: This versatile and rugged design provides supplemental directional mixing below the water surface to prevent spraying or splashing.
  • Monsoon® Horizontal Surface Aerator: This surface aerator has a rugged horizontal design with field-replaceable blades ideal for oxidation ditch applications.
  • The Zephyr® Induced Air Flotation System: This high-efficiency air flotation system provides a solution to remove fats, oils, and floatable solids from your waste stream.
  • Cyclone® Coarse Bubble Diffusers: A diamond-shaped, open-ended design allows for maximum bubble shearing action, and a simple approach to solving clogging issues.
RWL Water aeration equipment.

RWL Water aerators and aeration equipment are in operation at thousands of sites across the globe.

Eco-Aeration Equipment

RWL Water Eco Aeration™ products are used in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs for algae and odor control. These solar-powered aerators reduce costs associated with conventional chemical treatments, and eliminate the need to install and operate electrical equipment.

Solving Aeration Challenges Across the Globe

RWL Water Aeration Technology in Service in Afghanistan

Our experience includes solving wastewater aeration challenges for diverse industries and organizations, including the United States military.

Gamberi Garrison, the largest Afghan National Army military post in the Nangahar Province of Afghanistan, houses more than 4,000 soldiers. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in designing the post’s wastewater treatment facility, selected the RWL Water Tornado aerator for the $90 million (USD) project.

RWL Water recommended both 5- and 7.5-horsepower Tornado aerators for use in the wastewater treatment plant pond. These aerators, which are mounted at an angle in the water, provide strong directional mixing and better oxygen distribution throughout the water being treated. Water moves at a high velocity through and near the system’s propeller blades, creating a low-pressure zone at the hub. The low pressure draws air through the stationary intake and down the large-diameter draft tube until it exits into the water at the propeller hub. The turbulence and flow created by the propeller serve to break up air bubbles, mix water in the basin, and disperse oxygen through the water. In this particular project, the aerators were moored to posts on the edge of the waste pond. Learn more about this case study here.

Custom Wastewater, Aeration System in Georgia, U.S.A.

RWL Water engineers can create a custom aeration system to meet your specific needs, such as the one required by the City of Dillard, Georgia. The city’s 30-year-old Tipton packaged wastewater treatment plant needed an upgrade to meet both increased effluent flow from a growing population, and changing effluent discharge regulations.

Our engineers worked closely with the municipality’s project consultants to create a cost-effective design for the wastewater treatment facility. Existing tanks were combined with new aeration equipment, which included an extended aeration packaged wastewater treatment plant. The system consists of three trains in a parallel, attached configuration designed to treat 200,000 gallons of effluent a day. The existing package plant was converted to serve as the facility’s sludge-holding chamber. The result was a cost-effective, custom aeration and wastewater treatment solution that met the customer’s needs. Learn more about this case study here.

Aeration Solutions Engineered for Your Needs

All RWL Water, aeration equipment is engineered to match your unique water treatment or wastewater treatment challenges. Our aerators are ruggedly built, specifically designed to provide customers with extended, trouble-free operation.

Contact RWL Water to let our technical experts help you determine the proper sizing, layout, and operation of your next aeration or mixing system. From design to financing, whether it’s a turnkey water aeration system or a comprehensive build-own-operate water treatment facility, RWL Water is committed to supplying water wherever it is needed.

You can learn more about our specific wastewater aeration capabilities in our case study collection.