Waste-To-Energy: Expanded Granular Sludge Bed Anaerobic Reactor in Rome, Italy

Expanded Granular Sludge Bed
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Solution Type: Waste-to-Energy
Technology Used: Expanded Granular Sludge Bed
Client: Birra Peroni

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The Birra Peroni Group is a major player in the beer industry and part of the SABMiller Group, one of the world’s leading brewers. Peroni has been brewing beer for over 160 years, with an annual peak production of 450,000m3. The company’s main brands include: Peroni, Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell.


The Peroni facility in Bari needs to enhance its factory for the purpose of increasing production.  The existing WWTP from 1996 was inadequate and outdated.

The main challenge was to revamp, install and start up the plant without interfering with the normal production operations.


In 2008, RWL Water inserted a new expanded granular sludge bed (EGSB) anaerobic reactor, which together with the two existing anaerobic digesters produces thermal energy for the factory boiler. The plant is also equipped by aerobic treatment and final clarification.

System Description

  • Effluents: industrial wastewater from brewery
  • Capacity: 2,200 m3/day
  • Homogenization system
  • Primary clarification
  • Rapid anaerobic reactor (EFC)
  • Lamellar clarifier
  • Sludge anaerobic digester
  • Biogas desulphurization
  • Sludge dehydration through belt-press
  • Nitro-denitro system
  • Final clarification

Process Flow Diagram