Waste-to-Energy: Anaerobic Digestion & Denitrification in Italy

Anaerobic Digestion & Denitrification
Country: Italy
Solution Type: Waste-to-Energy
Technology Used: Anaerobic Digestion & Denitrification

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A plant was needed to reduce and stabilize the poultry manure from a hen farm producing 1,900 tons of poultry manure each year before the manure could be disposed onto the farm.


RWL Water designed an anaerobic digestion plant and denitrification system to reduce and stabilize the poultry manure while recovering energy as biogas at the same time.

System Description

The process chain is composed of a preloading basin for the homogenization and dilution of the poultry manure, and when necessary, a sand removal system.  After the fermentation, the digestate is separated into its solid and liquid parts with a centrifugal decanter with the addition of organic polyelectrolyte.  The liquid digestate is stored in a proper storage tank and the solid digestate is collected in a storage basin.  The biogas is sent to a cogeneration group for electrical energy production.  Thermal energy can also be captured from the cogeneration equipment.  The liquid digestate can be treated in a double stage nitrification/denitrification system to reduce the nitrogen content of the poultry manure for disposal.

Chicken Farms