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Small Investment, Big Return

The Solution

RWL Water’s Mini-biogas plant is a turnkey solution designed and targeted to small and medium sized farms.  The solution is completely integrated with the farms normal activity and combines high efficiency and performance with ease of use.

Minibiogas plant

Biogas, produced by anaerobic digestion, a biological process degrading organic matter, represents a twofold renewable energy source: electric and thermal energy (through cogeneration). Biogas will play a key role to meet the Kyoto’s “20-20-20” targets: it fulfills national energy requirements and fights environmental pollution.

Family breeding farms: Eurotec WTT’s Minibiogas solution produces green energy from livestock wastes.

Family breeding farms: RWL Water’s Minibiogas solution produces green energy from livestock wastes.

Mini-biogas plants represent a great business opportunity especially for the agricultural sector because of the plants’ easy management and small investment with a high potential return.

Small scale biogas plants (up to 100 kWh), from agriculture and farming wastes, are the ultimate win-win solution for both the farmers and the environment.

The Minibiogas plant is a fully modular solution.  It’s quick and easy to start up and operate and it’s available in concrete or stainless steel.  Other components include:

  • Mixing and shredding tank: for feedstock homogenization and chopping.
  • Anaerobic digester: the core equipment of the plant, where the biogas is produced and stored into the gasometric dome.
  • Cogeneration engine unit (CHP): transforms biogas into electrical and thermal energy.
  • Solid – liquid separator:  for digestate dehydration and for usage as a biological fertilizer.
  • Torch: to burn exceeding biogas (if any exists).
  • External mixers and heat exchangers: for an easier and faster plant management.
  • Shredding pump for heat exchanger feeding: for further performance improvement