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Providing Pure Process Water For Mines

Mining sites need world-class systems to reliably produce high quality process water.

Power stations at mining sites require high quality demineralized water to operate efficiently. RWL Water meets this need with advanced reverse osmosis (RO) and state of the art electro deionization (EDI) technology.

One of the world’s largest iron ore mining projects is located in Western Australia. RWL Water designed, manufactured, supplied, and commissioned a water treatment plant for the new power station to supply its various on-site water requirements.

Compact, Containerized, and Convenient Wastewater Treatment

RWL Water’s complete packaged wastewater treatment plants for sanitary wastewater produce effluents to meet all environmental discharge requirements. The fully automated plants utilize simple aerobic technologies, MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) and MBR (Membrane Bioreactor), which enable rapid deployment and require minimal operator intervention. The wastewater treatment plants are suitable for mining construction camps as well as permanent operations.

RWL Water supplied two self-contained and factory pre-fabricated wastewater treatment package plants to meet the needs of a Mexican mine with a 3,000-strong work- force. The equipment handles 200 liters per day of wastewater per person.

Meeting the Challenge of Mining Effluents

Remote locations, extreme environmental conditions, significant fluctuations in water quality, and varied contaminants are some of the greatest challenges of mining sites.

Because of high contamination levels and quality fluctuations, each mine requires an individually designed wastewater treatment system. Systems are customized to ensure treated effluents meet site-specific conditions, including all environmental guidelines, and the required quality to allow water reuse.

Maximized Reuse, Reduced Discharge

RWL Water designed, built, and commissioned a multistage treatment plant for an open cut mine and processing plant in Chile, which handles copper and molybdenum ores. The raw wastewater flow of 216 cubic meters per hour is treated to produce about 170 cubic meters per hour of desalinated product water, which is about 80% recovery for the entire process.

Portable, Robust, and Reusable

RWL Water designed a robust, easy-to-operate wastewater treatment plant to meet the effluent requirements for Colorado molybdenum mine. The system treats 157 cubic meters of wastewater per day, while reducing BOD levels to the desired effluent.

Treated effluents can be reused in a variety of applications such as process and rinse water, dust suppression, irrigation and onsite landscaping, as well as discharged o surface waters or aquifer reinjection.

Mobile Drinking Water Systems for Mining Camp Operations

The company’s versatile multi-source units purify water from any water source including sea, brackish, and surface water. Designed for fast and easy operation, the units have minimal maintenance requirements and can be operated by existing mining personnel on-site.