Mobile Units

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When Disaster Strikes, Fast Supply of Fresh Water

Regular sources of water can be disrupted with little warning in situations such as flood, fire, earthquake, drought, and population displacement.  Where normal water supply is temporarily unavailable, our mobile water purification units stand ready to provide a constant supply of safe drinking water.

Any Water Source, Anywhere in the World

Mobile units can produce drinking water from almost any source including seawater, surface water, and brackish water. Produced water meets World Health organization (WHO) drinking water quality guidelines.

RWL Water Provides Fresh Drinking Water to Remote Environments

RWL Water’s mobile water purification units have maintained potable water supply following natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Emergency drinking water was provided to international relief organizations in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami, after flooding in Bangladesh, and for refugees in Kosovo, Albania, and Sudan.

Setup Within 20 Minutes

The mobile units are designed for fast operation and can be set up quickly and easily by field personnel with minimal technical skills.

Operate and Relocate

A built-in power generator enables independent operation. The self-powered units can be mounted on trailers and skids or transported by truck, boat, or helicopter.

Fast Delivery

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing mobile water purification units enables RWL Water to respond quickly in times of crisis. Units can be delivered within days of order, depending on the amount of units required. After the Indian Ocean tsunami, RWL Water quickly responded to the humanitarian crisis. Our team worked around the clock to deliver 10 seawater desalination mobile units to the Maldives in a record time of 14 days.

Any Water Source — Sea, Brackish, or Surface Water

Versatile multi source units can purify water from any water source including sea, brackish and surface water. Our surface water units are suitable for purifying lake, river and well water, providing around the clock supply of potable water.

Twelve mobile purification units were supplied to the Ministry of Emergency Situation, Azerbaijan for use by military units in remote locations

Twelve mobile purification units were supplied to the Ministry of Emergency Situation, Azerbaijan for use by military units in remote locations

Compact Standalone Systems

A typical multi-source mobile unit with a capacity of 500-5,000 liters per hour (depending on feed salinity). Mobile units also serve military forces deployed in areas without reliable freshwater, as well as mining operations in remote locations.

A typical multi-source unit consists of:

  • Feed pump installed on a floating pontoon
  • Mechanical screen filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Chemical pretreatment
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Disinfection
  • Flexible clear water tank
  • Tap stand
  • Interconnecting pipes and cables
  • Onboard diesel power generator

Providing fresh drinking water for 2,000 people per day

A typical mobile unit delivers 4,000 liters per hour (96,000 liters per day) — enough water for 2,000 people.