March 2017: RWL Water Shortlisted for Water Company of the Year Award.

December 2016: RWL Water Announces Agreement to Acquire Acquavit in Brazil

August 2016: Designing Effective Waste-to-Energy Facilities for Challenging Effluents

May 2016: EcoBox™: Accessible Water Reuse for All

November 2015: Addressing Water Scarcity in Baja California, Mexico

June 2015: Desalination Serves Coastal Argentine City

March 2015: Think, Blink, Drink: The Nirobox Desalination Solution

November 2014: New Project: SWRO Plant in Argentina

August 2014: Featured Project: Dead Sea Works Power Plant

April 2014: RWL Water Opens Middle East Office in Dubai

December 2013: New Subsidiary Focused on French Biogas Development

September 2013: RWL Water Group Welcomes Unitek to Portfolio

April 2013: Converting Food Waste to Fuel: An Infographic