Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

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RWL Water prefabricated packaged wastewater treatment plants provide complete solutions for on-site treatment.

Prefabricated packaged wastewater treatment plants.

Our extended aeration activated sludge plants are designed to treat municipal or industrial wastewater, producing excellent quality, disinfected effluent. Packaged plants are custom configured using proven designs and components to treat virtually any amount of wastewater.

Typical packaged plants include screening, flow equalization, aeration, clarification, sludge digestion, and effluent disinfection. Smaller systems arrive completely assembled and ready to run. Larger systems arrive as fully assembled as possible, with major components ready to connect together. Packaged plants are fabricated from high-strength, reinforced carbon steel and are coated to allow the plant to be fully buried or installed at grade level without additional structural support. The interior and exterior surfaces of the plants are factory-coated with a superior epoxy coating system to prepare them for long-term exposure to wastewater.

Our experts can properly size and configure a packaged plant for your specific application.

Features of RWL Water Packaged Plants

Informed by decades of experience, RWL Water designs packaged wastewater treatment plants as self-contained treatment systems that include all the features needed for a functioning plant.

Features and benefits include:

  • Proven welded-steel tanks with special coating for extended life in nearly any environment.
  • Smaller systems come completely assembled, pre-plumbed and pre-wired for immediate and low-cost installation and startup.
  • Proven process design produces excellent effluent with little operator attention.

How Do Packaged Plants Work?

Raw wastewater is pumped into the packaged plant, where it is screened. It then flows into an equalization chamber to even out the flow throughout the plant. The wastewater then moves through extended aeration vessels, where BOD is removed. A clarifier then separates the wastewater, producing a clear effluent that is disinfected with chlorination or UV for safe discharge to the environment. Sludge is partially recycled, improving treatment efficiency, and waste sludge is digested before discharge.

RWL Water packaged wastewater treatment plants are suitable for treatment of many types of wastewater from industries and municipalities. Tank sizes and internal flow rates are designed to meet your wastewater treatment requirements.

Packaged wastewater treatment plants are up and running quickly.

Packaged wastewater treatment plant installation at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq.

Prefilters, post filtration and other treatment systems can be added to meet specific site conditions or effluent requirements.


RWL Water packaged wastewater treatment plants produce excellent-quality effluent from most industrial and municipal wastewater streams.

Applications include:

  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Food processing plants
  • Hotels
  • Military camps
  • Hospitals, colleges, and schools
  • Remote mine and construction sites
  • Refineries
  • Highway rest areas and truck stops
  • State campgrounds, resorts, and parks
  • Prisons
  • Remote towns and small residential communities

Contact RWL Water to learn how packaged plants can meet your wastewater treatment needs, or to request a quote.