Secondary Wastewater Treatment

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RWL Water’s Secondary wastewater treatment plants help bring the quality of your wastewater treatment effluent up to standards.

Tipton secondary water treatment.

Tipton secondary wastewater treatment plants use extended aeration to meet effluent quality limits.

Tipton advanced secondary wastewater treatment is a solution for meeting limits on effluent from the treatment of domestic wastewater.

The Tipton activated sludge-type extended aeration process is available in flow rates up to 500,000 gallons per day. Lift stations and flow equalization are the most common applications for Tipton secondary treatment systems.

Tipton secondary treatment systems are efficient and easy to install.

Extended Aeration Process

The secondary treatment system is used to oxidize approximately 90% of the influent’s concentrations of BOD5 and suspended solids. It’s simple for the plant operator to run settleability tests to monitor the operation of the system and to maintain an appropriate level of solids to ensure the effluent meets required discharge standards.

Tipton systems ideal for retrofitting.

Tipton secondary wastewater treatment plants are designed to be easily accessed by operators.

Unique Features and Benefits

Tipton secondary wastewater treatment systems are compact in design, easy to install, simple to operate, and feature automatic air control systems and quality components. They’re ideal for retrofitting.

Contact RWL Water for more information on how Tipton secondary treatment systems can work in your specific application, or to request a quote.