Tartaric Stabilization

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Tartaric Stabilization via resins

Tartaric Stabilization Pilot Plant

Tartaric Stabilization Pilot Plant

The current legislation, with the implementation of the (EC) regulation No. 606/2009, has introduced the possibility of performing tartaric stabilisation of wines by means of ionic exchange resins in an acid cycle.

This practice consists in decanting a part of the wine to be stabilised by passing it through an ionic exchange resin (strong cationic, food grade type), regenerated with acid (hydrochloric or sulphuric). The decanted wine is then mixed again with non-treated wine.

In order to guarantee a quality product, RWL Water pays great attention to the organoleptic properties of the finished product, in particular the causes of undesired oxidisation and the choice of particularly suitable materials and resins.