Tornado® Self-Aspirating Surface Aerators at Gamberi Garrison Military Post in Afghanistan

Project: Gamberi Garrison
Location: Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Customer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Solution: Wastewater treatment
Technology: Waste pond aeration with 5- and 7.5-horsepower Tornado Surface Self-Aspirating Aerators

Tornado aerators for strong directional mixing.

RWL Water’s Tornado aerators are mounted on the edge of the wastewater pond at the Gamberi Garrison.


Gamberi Garrison, the largest Afghan National Army military post in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan, houses more than 4,000 soldiers. The Garrison occupies one square kilometer in the Gamberi Desert. Construction on the $90 million project, which began in early 2009, included three battalion complexes, a medical clinic, a training facility, a wastewater treatment plant, and more.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers evaluated several options for treating the wastewater from the Garrison, and selected the Tornado self-aspirating surface aerator from RWL Water. RWL Water recommended 5- and 7.5-horsepower Tornado aerators for treating the waste pond at the treatment plant. The Tornado aerators, which are moored to posts on the shore of the waste ponds, provide strong directional mixing and oxygen distribution.

How Does the Tornado Aerator Work?

Tornado aerators provide high oxygen transfer and intensive mixing capabilities in a wide range of applications. The Tornado aerator’s turbulent directional mixing and jet propulsion discharge assure that oxygen is quickly blended with wastewater for unmatched oxygen transfer. The intense action of the jet propulsion shears wastewater solids to increase treatment performance and provide better contact between the oxygen and wastewater bacteria. The Tornado mounts at an angle in the water, with the motor and air intake above the surface and the propeller below. It can easily be adjusted to provide mixing in any direction and at a variety of depths. Built with stainless steel, it is corrosion-proof and UV-resistant.

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