Tornado® Aerators at New Hanover County Landfill in North Carolina, United States

Project: New Hanover County Landfill
Location: Williamston, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Client: New Hanover County Department of Environmental Management
Solution: Wastewater treatment
Technology: Leachate aeration with six 5-horsepower Tornado Surface Aerators

Tornado Aerators feature stainless steel construction.

Tornado Surface Aerators from RWL Water ensure proper leachate treatment at the New Hanover County MSW landfill in North Carolina.


The New Hanover County Department of Environmental Management operates a secure municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill on the coast of North Carolina. There is no publicly owned treatment works (POTW) facility nearby since the landfill is in a remote location, so all landfill leachate is treated onsite.

In 1999, the county installed one 5-horsepower Tornado Self-Aspirating Aerator to supplement the plant’s pretreatment phase. The success of the Tornado led to the installation of three more 5-horsepower Tornado Aerators.

In 2010, a record-breaking rainstorm dropped 22 inches of rain on the landfill, dramatically increasing the wastewater and leachate, and requiring additional aeration and mixing. Having worked with RWL Water in the past, the New Hanover County Department of Environmental Management called on us once more to supply additional Tornado Aerators to treat the leachate.


RWL Water delivered six more 5-horsepower Tornado Self-Aspirating Aerators to help manage the flow increase at the New Hanover Landfill. RWL Water performed careful sizing and inspection to ensure the landfill could treat the additional leachate, keep the solids in suspension, and meet the maximum discharge limit.

The Tornado is made from all stainless steel, is easy to operate and maintain, and does not require blowers. It mixes extremely well and performs well in very cold climates. It is ideal for activated sludge basins, sludge holding tanks, oxidation ditches, lagoons, ice control, and post-aeration applications.

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