Tornado® and Hurricane® Aerators at Sancor-Cordoba Wastewater Treatment Plant in Argentina

Project: Sancor-Cordoba WWTP
Client: Sancor Yogurt Facility in Cordoba, Argentina
Solution: Wastewater treatment
Technology: Wastewater aeration with two 5-horsepower (3.75 kW) Tornado Surface Aerators and four 30-horsepower (22 kW) Hurricane Submersible Aspirating Aerators

Hurricane aerators eliminate need for blowers.

Tornado and Hurricane aerators from RWL Water were both used at Sancor’s yogurt manufacturing facility in Cordoba, Argentina.


Sancor, an Argentine dairy processor, needed to build an up-to-date wastewater treatment plant for its yogurt manufacturing facility in Cordoba. The company hired Alenco International, a design and building firm from Longwood, Florida, to accomplish the task. Sancor produces large amounts of medium-strength waste containing soluble, colloidal, and suspended solids.

Most of the organic constituents in dairy wastewater are fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. The primary source of the wastewater is the flushing and cleaning of tanks, equipment, and piping. Traditional dairy wastes have BOD concentrations too high for single-stage biological treatment without physical or chemical pretreatment. The problem is compounded by high levels of alkalinity from the ongoing disposal of cleaning solutions.


Engineers at Alenco International designed a continuous-flow, extended aeration wastewater treatment system to handle a daily flow of 185,000 gallons (700 m3) and a daily organic load of 2,642 pounds (1,200 kilograms) of BOD.

In addition to mechanical bar screens, pH control, and dissolved air flotation, a key component of the treatment design was wastewater equalization. For the equalization tank, the engineers determined that two 5-horsepower (3.75 kW) Tornado Aerators from RWL Water were ideal for keeping the wastewater fully aerated and mixed during a retention period of three to four hours. The engineers determined that mixing and aeration in the 136,000 gallon (515 m3) extended aeration tank would be best accomplished with four 30-horsepower (22 kW) Hurricane Submersible Aspirating Aerators from RWL Water. The self-contained aspirating aerators eliminated the need for blowers or blower buildings, simplifying plant design and operation. Furthermore, like the Tornado Aerator’s, the Hurricane’s all stainless steel construction is able to stand up to the rigors of this particular application.

Since bringing Sancor’s plant online in early 1996, the equipment from RWL Water has delivered the process and mechanical performance anticipated by the engineers at Alenco, who have subsequently used Tornado and Hurricane Aerators in other plants.

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