Waste-to-Energy From Farm Waste in the Marne Valley, France

Project: Porcynergie Plant
Location: Marne Valley, France
Customer: Porcynergie
Solution: Waste-to-energy
Technology: Biogas production from farm waste


Porcynergie’s methanization plant in France’s Marne River Valley processes livestock manure and crop by-products from an adjacent farm.

Favorable renewable energy policies put in place by many European countries, including France, provided an opportunity for Porcynergie to turn farm waste into a valuable and previously untapped resource. Under these policies, the sale of electricity produced from biomethane is one of the most incentivized of all biogas solutions.


RWL Water provided equipment that allows the Porcynergie plant to convert 39 tons of farm waste a day into methane for both power generation and hot water.

The equipment included:

  • Liquid manure harvest tanks and crop by-product silos
  • Premix and pulverizing tank
  • A 1,900 cubic meter digestion tank where the anaerobic fermentation occurs
  • A gasometric dome, made with a double-sealed membrane above the digestion tank that stores the biomethane output
  • 700 cubic meter post-digestion tank
  • 250 kilowatt co-generator
  • Flare
  • Digestate storage tanks for fertilizing

In order to maximize the cogeneration potential, a network provides hot water to nearby livestock buildings for heating and washing.

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