Recovery & Reuse

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Custom Solutions for Recovering, Reusing and Recycling Water and Wastewater

Recovering, Reusing and Recycling Water and Wastewater

Reverse osmosis (RO) effluent desalination system for Makhteshim Chemical Works with reuse capacity up to 2,400 cubic meters of water per day

Water scarcity is increasingly driving innovation. Wastewater previously considered a disposal liability can now become a valuable resource.

RWL Water has worldwide experience in the advanced treatment of wastewater and process water to purity levels that allow its reuse in industrial, agricultural, or municipal processes. Our energy-efficient water treatment solutions can produce pure and ultrapure water for reuse in power generation, cooling towers and district cooling systems, beverage bottling, food production, agriculture irrigation, and many other industries.

RWL Water extracts additional value from manufacturing wastewater and food waste by processing it to generate biogas.

Applications for Water Reuse

Recycled water can be used in a variety of applications across industries, both inside a facility and in the community. Typical uses for recycled water include surface irrigation for orchards and vineyards, golf courses, landscaped areas, and food crops. Other uses include recharging groundwater, preservation or augmentation of ecosystems such as wetlands or riparian habitat, and in industrial processes. Nonpotable water can be used for toilet flushing, irrigating landscaping, washing vehicles and streets, and other similar purposes.

Treatment Technologies

Treatment technologies for water reuse are, for the most part, derived from physical, chemical, and biological processes used for wastewater and drinking water.

Treatment technologies include: membrane bioreactors, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis, which are particularly effective for producing high-quality reclaimed water.

All of these technologies must comply with strict purification standards, and guarantee process water free from bacteria and viruses.

Typical Technologies for Reuse:

  • Ultrafiltration
  • Membrane bioreactor (MBR)
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Aerobic treatments
  • Ozonation
  • Ultraviolet treatment
  • Advanced oxidation
  • Forward osmosis

Water Reuse Technologies Engineered for You

All of RWL Water’s water reuse technologies are engineered to match your unique water treatment challenges. Our equipment is durable, specifically designed to provide users with extended, trouble-free operation. We will to assist you in the design, construction, and operation of your water-reuse system, starting with piloting to ensure the selection of the right technology.

From design to financing, RWL Water is committed to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to water and wastewater problems.

Water Reuse Case Studies

Project: Makhteshim Chemical Works
Together with scientists from Ben Gurion University and Makhteshim engineers, RWL Water developed a complete reverse osmosis (RO) effluent desalination system, which receives MBR biological treatment effluent. The system delivers high-quality water for use in the factory’s cooling towers — allowing the reuse of up to 2,400 cubic meters of water per day.

Project: Italcanditi
Wastewater from the production of candied fruit is treated with a system custom-designed by RWL Water. It includes pretreatment and final treatment in an EFC anaerobic reactor that also generates biogas. A cogeneration system, supported by biological oxidation and final clarification, turns the biogas into electrical and thermal energy. It is then fed back into the plant, reducing energy costs. Finally, the remaining wastes are treated by an aerobic stage. The output is clean, reusable, and environmentally safe water.

Project: Boleo Mine
When a mine in Mexico was reopening, it needed a fast, reliable wastewater treatment system. RWL Water provided a packaged wastewater treatment plant. The water treated in this facility is used for dust suppression around the mining operation, and the concentrated sludge can be safely handled.

What water reuse challenges can we help solve for you? Contact us for more information about our recovery and reuse solutions or to request a quote.