Zephyr® Induced Air Flotation System

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The Zephyr induced air flotation system is ideally suited for oil and grease recovery. Its fine bubbles attach to solids and bring them to the surface.

The Zephyr induced air flotation unit assists in the removal of fats, oil, and floatable solids through induced air flotation.

The Zephyr is used very efficiently in pulp and paper mills, petrochemical applications, food processing, and in municipal wastewater treatment.

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Zephyr Induced Air Flotation System

The Zephyr induced air flotation system is ideally suited for oil and grease recovery.

Zephyr Features

  • Precisely separates liquid phases — ideally suited for oil and grease recovery
  • Microfine bubbles adhere to minute solids, floating them to the surface — excellent for meat and poultry packing plants, vegetable processing plants, pulp and paper mills, and petrochemical plants
  • Greatly enhances skimming operations
  • Ideal for incorporating gases into liquid media, including carbon dioxide, ozone, chlorine gas, methane, nitrogen, etc.
  • All stainless steel construction — the ultimate in corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Solid shaft and a patented sealed-bearing design means virtually no maintenance
  • Standardized components, including motors, bearings, and couplings
  • The diffuser disc is easily disassembled for cleaning with soap and hot water
Induced Air Flotation System

A typical Zephyr application in a flotation tank with a skimmer.

How the Zephyr Works

The Zephyr is mounted vertically in a tank with the motor above the water and the diffuser disc below. Each unit features a diffuser disc that incorporates fine holes near its perimeter for the diffusion of ultra-fine bubbles into the liquid. The motor spins the diffuser disc, creating a low-pressure zone at the disc’s diffuser ports, drawing air or gas from above the liquid surface. That air or gas then proceeds down through the draft tube, into the disc and out of the submerged diffuser ports. Each bubble exits through a hole in the edge of the diffuser disc. The spinning disc shears it into microscopic air bubbles from 10-100 microns in diameter. These air bubbles adhere to minute solids such as oil and grease, and slowly rise to the surface, bringing the solids to the surface.


Extensive Applications

Zephyr Induced Air Flotation Installation

Zephyr installations are found in the petrochemical industry, pulp and paper mills, food-processing facilities, and in municipal wastewater treatment.

Zephyr induced air flotation systems can be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • flotation
  • phase separation
  • flotation with minimal mixing and turbulence
  • product removal, recovery, and disposal
  • gas injection

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